Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Occult War

My demons and angels

They’ve been fighting forever

A demon shed a claw

Or angel, a feather.

But the real darkness?

It hides in me

It fucks up my head

Never leaving me be.

Infiltrated by the dark

My mind chose a side

It united with the demons

And my angels cried.

This treacherous mind of mine

Now a demon too

Unreliable and demented

A cynical accrue.

With the light diminished 

The darkness stands astride

It mocks me with a sneer 

Commanding me to abide.

My angels fought

With valor and pride

But the demons won

And I died. 

©2015 All rights reserved 




Red is an interesting shade

Better than onyx, sapphire or jade

Ardent, exuberant, avid and chaotic

Mischievous, notorious and exotic

Represents the life of a new born love

Also paints the dead, white dove 

Covers a battle field and cadavers

Follows a bride in her endeavors

Mysteriously beautiful, desirous too

Wanton, malicious; forsaken taboo

It continues its reign of tricks and treats

Dwelling in every heart that beats

Wounds that bleed and leave a scar

Conspire with Red; it’s never afar

Feel this Red in your veins

Assist your feelings when it rains

Red will always leave you taut

Trifling difference alive or not


Picture credits: icapturethee/Instagram