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I am:

I am my own miracle, I am my own curse

I am my own rhythm, I am my own verse

I am my own catastrophe, I am my own desire

I am my own death, dark and heavy, a wildfire

I am my own demise, silver, shimmery, suffocating

I am my own air, vast, abundant, truly berating

I am my own hell, raging, writhing, indecisive

I am my own life: grey, stale, chaos and crisis

I am my own solace, estranged but devouring

I am my own downfall, chosen but empowering


Birthday Gift?

I waited.

Where were you?

I waited and waited and waited.

I witnessed the sunsets, saw it as the sun became one with the ocean at last, gold embracing the deep sapphire

I watched as the gentle autumn wind teased the dried leaves, watched as they fell and kissed the ground

I watched the snow fall, saw it as it delicately settled on the barren branches, covering the brittle brown with the softest of whites

I saw the drizzling showers, watched as they shyly nuzzled against the mellow laughter emanating from under a shared umbrella

I waited I waited I waited

But where are you?

“I’ll see you on your birthday.” You had promised, had smiled as you did and left with a hug, whose warmth I stil craved.

And I had promised to wait.

A year has passed.

It’s my birthday today. I’m still waiting, but where are you?


We Could Have Been More

I would miss you endlessly, when apart

You would kiss me to mend my heart

I would cuddle you when a storm lingered by

You would walk me home, hug me when I cry

I would shower you with all my gushing

You would shake your head, say sweet nothings

I would surprise you with your favourite meals.

You would wink at me and damn, those feels!

You would promise me the stars, the sun, the moon

In the cover of night I would sneak in your bedroom

We would talk about anything and everything

We would look at each other and say nothing

We would compliment each other out of the blue

When we would fight, hell would have no clue

We would say those words of love and care

And pray for this to last, precious and rare

But this was my dream, now growing distant and uncared for

Because there was never a we, but we could have been more.

The Occult War

My demons and angels

They’ve been fighting forever

A demon shed a claw

Or angel, a feather.

But the real darkness?

It hides in me

It fucks up my head

Never leaving me be.

Infiltrated by the dark

My mind chose a side

It united with the demons

And my angels cried.

This treacherous mind of mine

Now a demon too

Unreliable and demented

A cynical accrue.

With the light diminished 

The darkness stands astride

It mocks me with a sneer 

Commanding me to abide.

My angels fought

With valor and pride

But the demons won

And I died. 

©2015 All rights reserved 



Red is an interesting shade

Better than onyx, sapphire or jade

Ardent, exuberant, avid and chaotic

Mischievous, notorious and exotic

Represents the life of a new born love

Also paints the dead, white dove 

Covers a battle field and cadavers

Follows a bride in her endeavors

Mysteriously beautiful, desirous too

Wanton, malicious; forsaken taboo

It continues its reign of tricks and treats

Dwelling in every heart that beats

Wounds that bleed and leave a scar

Conspire with Red; it’s never afar

Feel this Red in your veins

Assist your feelings when it rains

Red will always leave you taut

Trifling difference alive or not


Picture credits: icapturethee/Instagram