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In the middle of a heartache 

I don’t need that morning text from you but it would be nice to see it once in a while.

I don’t need you to pamper me with precious jewels, a rose from you would make me smile. 

I don’t need you to call me and talk all day but you know how much I love hearing your voice at the end of the day. 

I don’t need you to say how much you love me but randomly hearing how much I mean to you soothes my insecurities.

I don’t need you to bring me the moon and the stars, but a cuddle with you as we watch them shine is my fairytale. 

I don’t need you to talk to me on phone for hours on end but hearing you say “baby, please stay” warms my heart. 

I don’t need you say I’m beautiful when my eyeliner is perfect, but hearing you say I’m perfect especially when I’m not, heals me. 

I don’t mind the kisses but hugs would be a cherry on top.

Its the little things you do that make me love you more but it saddens me to say you don’t do them anymore. 



Red is an interesting shade

Better than onyx, sapphire or jade

Ardent, exuberant, avid and chaotic

Mischievous, notorious and exotic

Represents the life of a new born love

Also paints the dead, white dove 

Covers a battle field and cadavers

Follows a bride in her endeavors

Mysteriously beautiful, desirous too

Wanton, malicious; forsaken taboo

It continues its reign of tricks and treats

Dwelling in every heart that beats

Wounds that bleed and leave a scar

Conspire with Red; it’s never afar

Feel this Red in your veins

Assist your feelings when it rains

Red will always leave you taut

Trifling difference alive or not


Picture credits: icapturethee/Instagram